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IPO and JPO organizes Seminar to share best practices on the AI based inventions.

On April 27, 2024, Indian Patent Office, together with Japan Patent Office organized an insightful seminar to share best practices on the AI based inventions. 

The event commenced with an engaging opening by Mr. Pinkesh Jain, Joint Controller of Patents & Designs at Indian Patent Office, and Mr. Hiroki Watanabe, Senior Director at JETRO, setting the stage for what promised to be an insightful discussion. Mr. Kingshuk Banerjee, Head, Hitachi India R&D, took the floor next, delving into their groundbreaking R&D initiatives in AI, with attendees eagerly absorbing their insights, particularly regarding their innovative approaches to intellectual property management in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Presentation by Ms. Komal Sharma Talwar Founder, XLSCOUT followed suit, shedding light on their own AI initiatives and how they navigate the intricacies of intellectual property in today’s competitive market. The Japan Patent Office then provided valuable insights, with representatives Mr. KAWAHARA Koji and Ms. SHOJI Anzu delving into statistics on patent filings in AI, examination practices, and the evolving policies surrounding AI-related inventions.

The IPO stepped up to the plate, led by Mr. M. Ravishankar and Mr. Parijat Saurabh, offering a deep dive into patent filing statistics in the AI domain and providing clarity on examination practices, including guidelines pertinent to computer-related inventions. The panel discussion on Examination Practices on AI Applications, expertly moderated by Mr. Nitin Sharma, Technology Counsel at Qualcomm India, brought together industry leaders and patent examiners to delve deeper into the nuances of AI-related patent examination. Panelists, including Mr. C. Naveen Andrew from IPO and esteemed representatives from JPO engaged in insightful exchanges, addressing pressing issues such as evolving examination practices, challenges in assessing AI innovations, and the role of examination guidelines in ensuring quality patents. 

With approximately 100 participants from various companies, including employees, and IPO, as well as members of the broader IP fraternity, the event fostered an environment of collaboration and knowledge sharing. As the event drew to a close, Ms. Jenica Kalra, Assistant Director at JETRO, delivered closing remarks, encapsulating the key takeaways and emphasizing the importance of continued collaboration and innovation in the realm of AI-related patent practices.

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