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You’ll laugh out loud at Eesha Rebba’s bizarre appearance in a gold and beige lehenga

<p>With roles in Telugu movies like Anthaka Mundu Aa Tarvatha, Bandipotu, Ami Thumi, and Awe, Eesha Rebba is well-known. She was a model throughout her undergraduate years before she decided to pursue acting. Her taste for style is clearly visible in the clothes she selects. Eesha Rebba recently donned a classic lehenga with a twist, and she seemed to have perfected the “subtle art of glam.” She looked like a queen in gold and beige.</p>
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<p>The gifted actress Eesha Rebba made her film debut in Life is Beautiful in 2012. She received high appreciation for her acting abilities from both critics and fans, and her subsequent works swiftly won the public over. This time, she unleashed some stunning and alluring self-portraits that had her followers going crazy.</p>
<p>Recently, the Brand Babu actress turned attention to her golden ensemble. She slid into a train-style, figure-hugging, high-waist lehenga. Detailed embroidery and sequins in shades of gold and silver adorned the lehenga. It also had a feather-like embellishment that gave the graceful lehenga more intensity. She accessorized it with a full-sleeved statement blouse that matched. Along with the same embroidery and design as the lehenga, the cropped blouse also included a sheer panel element just over her breast. She chose beautiful skin, a ton of gold-colored bronzer, and dazzling highlighter to further enhance her appearance and make her skin seem radiant. In keeping with her appearance, she also chose to wear pale pink lips and shimmering eyes.</p>
<p>“The Subtle Art of the Glam” was the caption. Her supporters were unable to contain their excitement as the focus was drawn to her lavish outfit. “Uff, this looks more like heaven,” an admirer said. Another commenter said, “Very beautiful, Eesha.” One person wrote, “What a stunner, uff!” “There’s nothing subtle about your beauty, Eesha!” a cheeky admirer said.</p>
<p>Regarding her career, Eesha Rebba most recently starred in Harsha Vardhan’s Mama Mascheendra. In addition, it featured Harsha Vardhan, Eesha Rebba, Sudheer Babu in a dual role, and Mirnalini Ravi.</p>

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