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Innovation Rising in Ahmedabad; Home to Zippit, India’s Zero Commission Local Delivery Platform.

In the Heritage streets of Ahmedabad, a young entrepreneur is poised to disrupt the hyperlocal delivery landscape with a ground-breaking innovation. Harsh Sevani, at just 24 years old, has unveiled Zippit (formerly Letsbiz), India’s first commission-free hyperlocal platform. Born and raised in Ahmedabad, Harsh Sevani brings not only entrepreneurial zeal but also a deep understanding of local market dynamics to his visionary venture.

The traditional hyperlocal delivery model in India, dominated by giants like Amazon, Zomato, and Swiggy, has long been criticized for imposing hefty commissions on sellers, driving up costs for consumers, and marginalizing local retail stores. These challenges have been exacerbated by the rise of dark stores, remote ful-fillment centers that offer competitive pricing and discounts impossible for traditional retailers to match.

Zippit emerges as a beacon of hope for local businesses, offering a transformative solution. By connecting customers directly with nearby stores, Zippit eliminates commission fees entirely, empowering local retailers to compete on a level playing field. This bold move not only benefits sellers by maximizing their earnings but also ensures consumers enjoy competitive prices without additional fees.

The platform operates on a simple yet powerful principle: facilitate seamless hyperlocal deliveries while fostering community support for local businesses. Through strategic partnerships with local delivery providers, Zippit ensures swift and reliable order ful-fillment, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Harsh Sevani’s entrepreneurial journey is marked by a string of successful ventures, including the innovative King Tournaments and Maffat Photocopies apps, which garnered acclaim and support from prestigious institutions like IIM and IIT. His diverse business portfolio, spanning IT consultancy, e-commerce, and international trade, reflects a keen understanding of market trends and consumer behavior.

Zippit’s pre-launch success underscores its potential to redefine hyperlocal commerce. Achieving over $268,000 in revenue prior to its official launch, the platform has demonstrated robust demand and operational efficiency. This milestone not only validates Zippit’s business model but also highlights its ability to attract a broad spectrum of businesses and customers.

Central to Zippit’s strategy is its commitment to leveraging advanced technologies like AI and ML to optimize operations and enhance user experience. The platform’s user-friendly interface ensures intuitive navigation, while its innovative approach to order management sets it apart from competitors.

Looking ahead, Zippit aims to expand its footprint nationally and internationally, following in the footsteps of India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI) by open-sourcing its technology to governments worldwide. This ambitious vision seeks to empower local businesses globally, fostering a community-driven approach to hyperlocal commerce.

Early adopters of Zippit have lauded its impact on their businesses. Deep, owner of a local restaurant, praises the platform for enabling direct customer connections without the financial burden of commission fees. Such testimonials underscore Zippit’s transformative potential in revitalizing neighborhood economies and supporting sustainable growth.

As Zippit prepares for its full-scale launch, the company stands as a testament to Ahmedabad’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Harsh Sevani’s commitment to building a commission-free ecosystem for hyperlocal commerce not only addresses current market challenges but also paves the way for a more inclusive and resilient economy.

Zippit represents more than just a business venture; it embodies a vision for a future where local businesses thrive, communities prosper, and innovation drives meaningful change. As the company prepares to unveil its full potential, all eyes are on Ahmedabad, where a new chapter in hyperlocal commerce is being written—one delivery at a time.

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