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Kauvery Hospital, Salem successfully treats patient with Complete Traumatic Amputation following a wrist injury

Salem , 07th June, 2024: Kauvery Hospitals, one of the leading multi-specialty healthcare hospital chains in India has always been at the forefront of medical treatment, technology and services. 


A 48-year-old man from Namakkal, presented with complete amputation of his right hand on 26th April, 2024 at 11 pm, two hours after the injury, with the amputated hand in an ice box.  The patient was immediately seen by the orthopaedician Dr. Arun and plastic surgeon Dr. Suresh Kumar, and promptly taken for surgery. 


The patient underwent painstaking reimplantation of the hand over next 6 hours. The procedure is a micro-vascular surgery and includesfixation of the bone by the orthopedician, and meticulous repair of soft tissues (tendon, nerves, veins and arteries) by the plastic surgeon. 


In the post-operative period, the patient was treated in the ICU with attention to asepsis and wound care . He was  discharged 14 days later, after the patient regained his lost hand in good form and function..


Speaking of this Dr. Suresh Kumar, Consultant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon Kauvery Hospital Salem said, “Traumatic amputation of a body part, usually a finger, toe, hand, arm, leg etc.occurs as the result of an accident or injury. We recommend immediate reimplantation of the amputated part by fixing the bone and repairing the soft tissues (tendon, nerve, vein and artery). The goal of any reimplantation is to restore the original form and function. I would like to thank my entire team of dedicated doctors and hospital staff who pooled in their expertise to achieve the desired outcome. The purpose of presenting this narration is to make the general public aware that such reimplantations are being done in Kauvery Hospital Salem, and patients coming in for the procedure are advised to bring along the amputated body part properly preserved in a clean, dry plastic cover kept covered by ice cubes in an ice box”.


 Mr. V. Selvam facility director of the hospital applauded Dr. Suresh Kumar, Dr. Arun and his team for their commitment and dedication in restoring the health of the patient, which yet again establishes Kauvery Hospital Salem as a centre of medical excellence. Dr. Sundararajan Senior Medical Administrator and Dr. Abirami Medical Administrator of Kauvery hospital Salem expressed their sincere appreciation to the entire team for the successful medical procedure.

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