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“Awards don’t change your life. Feel grateful but move on the next day”- Ratan Pratap

Tv host turned actor Ratan Pratap received the “Host of the Year’23” award by India Fine Arts Council at an award ceremony held in Mumbai. The award is in recognition for his work as a host on dance reality show- India Dance Week Season 7 and his other works as a presenter on television and live platforms. 


Speaking about the award, Ratan said, “I always give my 100% to each and every show that I am a part of. I am grateful to the jury of this award show for choosing me”. While expressing gratitude Ratan also mentioned, “It is definitely gratifying and you feel like you are on cloud nine when you receive such an honour. However, one must realise that awards don’t change your life or career. You can’t let them get to your head. Definitely, one must enjoy the moment but move on the next day”.


The name Ratan Pratap generates immense buzz online. Whether it is his shows or his appearances at events and awards, he has managed to keep netizens engaged. When quizzed about the paparazzi covering his every move, he said, “You are making it sound like a bad thing. It’s a two way street really. Without the media’s support I wouldn’t be where I am. I have no problems with being clicked by them. In fact, I know most of them by their names. So when they pop up during my ins and outs I actually speak to them! They are always friendly and respectful towards me”. 


When quizzed about the kind of work he is looking forward to, he said, “I have never really looked at work as small or big. There are definitely things that I know I can’t do. For eg. I wont be able to host the typical reality shows where you have to show manufactured reality. I am okay with doing smaller shows but I wish to be at peace with what I am doing. Likewise, for acting I never really planned to do it. I came across a few opportunities that were exciting and hence I decided to go along with it. Having said that I am extremely passionate about my work. It’s not like I am not interested, don’t get me wrong. Just that I wish to work on projects that even I would look at and be proud of. I have already done a lot of work which I did not wish to in the beginning of my career, to get started and to stay afloat. If I still continue doing the same, where is the growth”. 


When asked about his speculated acting debut on an OTT platform, Ratan dodged the question and said, “I really don’t know what you are talking about”.

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