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Here’s How Google Plans to Provide You With An AI-Powered Personal Trainer to Help You Stay Fit

<p>Google is developing a new Large Language Model (LLM) that will serve as a personal coach for Fitbit users and be taught on health-related aspects. The foundation of this service will be Google Gemini AI, and premium members will get access to it before the general public.</p>
<p><img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-537205″ src=”” alt=” heres how google plans to provide you with an ai powered personal trainer to help” width=”1016″ height=”762″ title=”Here's How Google Plans to Provide You With An AI-Powered Personal Trainer to Help You Stay Fit 6″></p>
<p>Even though the Pixel Watch and Watch 2 are now on the market, Google purchased Fitbit in order to expand its range of wearables.</p>
<p>Fitbit was mostly recognized for its health-related features and ecosystem, which address many areas of health. Google is rapidly developing the technologies that will enable the AI-powered personal coach to become a reality because it believes that by utilizing a health-centric AI model, it can add a new dimension to wearable fitness.</p>
<p>In order to provide users with individualized and comprehensive insights, the AI tracking will depend on their data; although some of you may find this intrusive, others may be happy for Google to have this access. Google will use Fitbit’s mobile app to connect Fitbit and Pixel devices—possibly including Pixel smartphones—for data monitoring.</p>
<p>Even some of the health aspects Pixel and Fitbit consumers might anticipate from the AI model were shown by the business. You may set your wristwatch to monitor your sleep schedule, and if it notices a trend, an AI model will determine the optimal exercise program to help you achieve higher-quality sleep.</p>
<p>It’s fascinating to see how Google is developing its AI models and looking at real-world applications. It goes without saying that the health industry might greatly benefit greatly from AI tools to advance and provide precise findings quickly. These capabilities, which are available to Fitbit Premium subscribers as a beta version, may make Google a competitive competitor in the market for health wearables, replacing the Apple Watch.</p>

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