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Meet the “Inverter Man of India,” who founded a firm worth Rs 23000000000 after selling pens to fund his studies

<p>While both winners and losers have the same goals, few succeed and most fail, therefore setting goals and achieving them are two distinct things. Kunwer Sachdev is one such example of someone who achieved their goal. Although well known, the saying “one thought changes your entire life” is seldom observed in practice. Growing up in the home of a railway clerk, Kunwer Sachdev is a role model in India’s power backup sector. His path is characterized by inventiveness and tenacity, demonstrating the transforming potential of perseverance. Kunwer gave up on his aim of becoming a doctor after being turned down for medical school entrance and having to sell pens door-to-door to pay for his study. For a meager living, Kunwer Sachdev used to go door-to-door selling pens. But one day he had an idea, and he invested money to launch a successful business that is now operating not only in India but also in many other countries. Another name for him is India’s Inverter Man.</p>
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<p>After graduating, Kunwer Sachdev started working in marketing for a cable business and learned that there is room for development in the field and that not all challenges must be overcome first. He just quit his work and dedicated himself to the production of solar products, founding Su-Kam Communication.</p>
<p>The business owned by Kunwer Sachdev manufactures a variety of highly sought-after solar items for both local and foreign markets. Kunwer Sachdev reportedly has businesses worth Rs 2300 crore.</p>

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