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For what reason does Musk want to take likes and reposts off of the X timeline?

<p>Elon Musk recently said that he will be eliminating the number of likes and reposts from the users’ feed on X, the platform that was once known as Twitter. The only thing that users can do is “view counts,” which appear on their timeline. Users of X have expressed disapproval of the new course of action, calling it “excessively stupid” and claiming it would “greatly reduce engagement.”</p>
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<p>The renowned X account DogeDesigner first revealed that X is said to be thinking of deleting the likes and reposts count from the feed, but that “it will still remain visible when you tap into a post.”</p>
<p>In response, Musk said that this was “definitely happening.”</p>
<p>The billionaire said, “Just view count, as a proxy for the other metrics, will show on the timeline.”</p>
<p>X users were not fond of the notion.</p>
<p>As individuals usually interact with things that they notice have a lot of likes, this will result in decreased interaction, a user said.</p>
<p>“This would be excessively stupid, greatly reduce engagement, and not actually accomplish anything positive,” said another commenter.</p>
<p>A user on X recommended that Musk include “a dislike button.”</p>
<p>The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla said in a post that one pinned post will be permitted per 48 hours.</p>
<p>The billionaire informed his followers, “We’re going to make some changes to our recommendation algorithm so that all of your followers see your pinned posts.”</p>

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