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Pankaj Udhas and Anu Malik: When I informed him someone else would perform his Baazigar song Kitaaben, he said, “Kya farak padhta hai?”

<p>Pankaj Udhas sang Anu Malik’s first popular song, Kitaabein Bauhaut Si, for the 1993 film Baazigar; the composer insists that Udhas would always be his first choice. Later on, Vinod Rathod recorded the song for the Shah Rukh Khan film. The same thing happened to Chhupana Bhi Nahi Aata.</p>
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<p>“Pankaj ji was my choice for Kitaabein. When I inquired, “Sir, aap garage?” he obligingly said that he would first want to hear the piece. He exclaimed, “The lyrics are by Zafar Gorakhpuri, how come you turned a ghazal into a commercial song?” when I played it for him. He was enthralled. I was surprised by the praise. I shall go somewhere, he replied, giving me an embrace. It was very kind of him to compliment me; at the time, his ghazals made him a household name. Even in death, he was a celebrity,” the 63-year-old recalls.</p>
<p>Malik describes Udhas as “soft-spoken like late Mohammed Rafi sahab” and says, “I think he was the only ghazal singer who never threw a tantrum ki yeh gaana gaaun ki nahi. A lot of people say they won’t sing songs if they don’t fit their format.” Udhas was willing to sing any sort of song, Malik continues. Any song was beautifully sung by Pankaj ji. He built a lovely home and enjoyed life. Just like everyone else, I am in agony. It’s too early to go at age 72.</p>

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