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Kauvery Hospital, Salem successfully treats patient with “Dengue-associated HLH (Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis)”

Salem, 23rd  February, 2024: Kauvery Hospital, Salem, which is part of a leading multi-specialty healthcare chain in Tamil Nadu, successfully performs treatment for “Dengue-associated HLH (Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis)” thereby saving the life of the patient and restoring normalcy. 

A 18-year-old female student was admitted to Kauvery Hospital, Salem with progressive liver failure while recovering from dengue fever. She was diagnosed with HLH, which is a special type of immune hyperactive disorder precipitated by the dengue viral infection. This is a rare occurrence with an incidence of 1 in a million cases, and is a condition where the patient either recovers completely with no relapse, or they succumb to the infection. This is a difficult medical condition to diagnose, however the doctors were able to arrive at a diagnosis within 48 hours of admission and treatment was started immediately. 

It was a case of total liver failure, with hypotension, cerebral involvement in the form of continuous seizures, altend sessions with respiratory failure requiring ventilation. and in such cases the mortality rate is normally 60-70%. The treatment involved chemotherapy and just as she was recovering she developed leucopenia and complications related to immunosuppression. She then fully recovered from that as well, and was discharged after about 40 days of hospitalization. Due to the nature of the medical condition, she was kept in the ICU for the entire duration of hospitalization. 

Speaking of this Dr. Abirami, Chief Nephrologist & Medical Administrator says that it was a very challenging and difficult situation, with a team of experts pooling in their best efforts towards patient recovery. The team involved a neurologist, hematologist, nephrologist, gastro-enterologist, and the ICU team, among others. 

Facility Director of Kauvery Hospital, Salem, Mr. Selvam appreciated Dr. Abirami and the team at Kauvery Hospital, Salem, for the quick and precise diagnosis and immediate treatment in such a challenging and difficult situation, that helped restore the life of the patient, as well as the trust and confidence of the public at large.

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