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Ranji Trophy 2024: Following a protracted injury layoff, Mumbai opener Prithvi Shaw struggles with the bat in his comeback

<p>Prithvi Shaw, the opener for Mumbai, was frustrated that his strong start against Bengal in his Ranji Trophy comeback was not sustained. After recuperating from a knee injury, Shaw made a promising comeback to the cricket pitch but was unable to maintain his outstanding form.</p>
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<p>Shaw was unable to build on a strong start in the game against Bengal, despite great hopes after his return after a lengthy absence. Before being out, Shaw scored 35 runs off of 42 balls. His efforts were a part of a bigger battle for the Mumbai squad, which also saw Bhupen Lalwani return to the pavilion after losing both of their openers following a 50-run partnership. Suraj Jaiswal and A Mishra, two bowlers from Bengal, each took a wicket, allowing Mumbai’s innings to be completed by Hardik Tamore and P Pawar.</p>
<p>Shaw, 24, hasn’t played since August of last year because of a knee ligament issue. In a recent report to the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA), the National Cricket Academy (NCA) noted that he’s doing well in batting and fielding exercises. Over the following three weeks, they want to ramp up his training with agility, change of direction, and acceleration drills to make sure his knee is strong enough to play again.</p>
<p>With NCA approval, Shaw became a member of Mumbai’s Ranji Trophy team. Mumbai, who has three victories and one defeat so far in Elite Group B, will field a 17-man team for the next games. With an incredible record that includes the best IPL score of 99 runs and a stunning 379 runs off 383 balls against Assam in the previous Ranji Trophy season, Shaw’s comeback was much-awaited. But this game did not live up to his potential, and going forward, he will try to find his form again. Fans and his father, Pankaj Shaw, will be hopeful that Prithvi Shaw quickly returns to the high standards he has established for himself during his career. for a 35-ball 42.</p>

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