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With this action film, Arbaaz Khan makes his 18-year comeback to Telugu cinema

<p>Celebrated for his performance in the action movie Hidimbha, Ashwin Babu is now shooting an action drama in Hyderabad that is produced by Maheswar Reddy. Arbaaz Khan is playing a major part in the just started filming, which is generating a lot of excitement for the picture. It is anticipated that Arbaaz’s current routine will continue for the next several weeks.</p>
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<p>Arbaaz Khan expressed excitement for his comeback to Telugu cinema and said how happy he is to have such a major part in the movie. “After a significant amount of time, I play a cop with different dimensions, and the production banner guarantees first-rate care,” he said. The movie is moving along quite nicely.</p>
<p>Arbaaz Khan has acted in Telugu films before, most famously in the antagonistic character of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Jai Chiranjeeva. A big part in Malayalam Superstar Mohan Lal’s Big Brother, which did well at the box office, is one of his recent successes.</p>
<p>Ganga Entertainment is committed to making sure the movie succeeds. The film’s originality was emphasized by producer Maheshwar Reddy, who said, “This is a contemporary film with a distinctive story and screenplay.” Arbaaz Khan Garu plays a key part in our inaugural project at Ganga Entertainment, and we are thrilled to work with him on it.</p>
<p>Alongside Hyper Adi, who has a major part in the film, Digangana Suryavanshi portrays the female protagonist. Renowned for his work in HanuMan and Mangalavaaram, Dasaradhi Shivendra, is handling the film’s cinematography.</p>
<p>In the meanwhile, Arbaaz Khan married makeup artist Sshura Khan in a secret ceremony in December. Salman Khan and the family attended the nikah, which was held at Arpita Khan’s home. After the wedding, Arbaaz posted photos of the newlyweds on social media that showed them standing close and beaming with happiness.</p>

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