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Details About The Update And Rebranding Of Tata Motors’ Tigor EV And Tiago EV Vehicles Under “Acti.ev”

<p>Anand Kulkarni, Head of HV Programs, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility (TPEM), and Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Tata Motors, said the company plans to introduce the Tiago and Tigor electric vehicles (EVs), both of which will share characteristics with the Punch EV.</p>
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<p>The Punch EV is a brand-new electric micro-SUV that Tata Motors has released on the Indian market. It is based on an entirely new electric vehicle-only platform and has a fresh appearance. The Punch EV marked the debut of the company’s first model, “acti.ev,” which was built entirely of electric vehicles. The Punch EV, or “acti.ev,” was the company’s first model built entirely of electric vehicle design.</p>
<p>Anand Kulkarni, CPO of Tata Motors, reportedly told Hindustan Times (HT) Auto that the new architecture is more about the methodology used while creating a car. He continued by saying that the Tiago and Tigor are not exceptional in that they may use this particular strategy on those kinds of automobiles. The timing of this shift for the two models will be determined by market forces, however.</p>
<p>Tata thinks it’s important to understand that the Tiago EV and Tigor EV will get particular attention to meet the expectations of the target market, even if the models’ upgradability will be determined by market demand. Tata Motors CPO Kulkarni made it clear that although the two models would each have a distinct solution, the basic approach of having a scalable modular platform with a bigger battery, greater room, and higher degree of connection will remain the same as it does for the “activ.ev” cars.</p>
<p>Furthermore, according to Tata Motors CPO Kulkarni, the Nexon EV may still be enhanced with features like a front boot and better availability of interior space, even if it was revised in 2023. A few components, including the battery, are still the same even though the business tried to make the new Nexon EV “completely new” in terms of chassis, engine, and technology.</p>
<p>According to HT Auto, Tata Motors CPO Kulkarni stated, “The Nexon already has significant upgrades, which were a part of what was going into the ‘acti.ev’. They involved not only the powertrain layer but also some changes on the platform layer along with the cloud layer and the electronics architecture layer had also gotten upgraded.” He continued by saying that the business is ready to update the Nexon EV as necessary.</p>
<p>2020 saw Tata Motors enter the electric car market with the Nexon.</p>

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