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Get Price & Mileage Here. Maruti Suzuki Brezza Mild-Hybrid Technology Is Returning To Provide Better Fuel Efficiency

<p>With the Brezza, Maruti Suzuki India has reintroduced its “mild-hybrid” technology and added a manual gearbox option. The ZXI+ MT, which includes “mild-hybrid” technology, is priced at Rs 12.48 lakh, while the ZXI MT model is priced at Rs 11.05 lakh (ex-showroom). Furthermore, the’mild-hybrid’ technology is now available with automatic gearbox options for the ZXI, ZXI+, and VXI trim ratings.</p>
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<p>The ZXI and ZXI+ manual gearbox models now achieve 19.89 km/l of fuel economy instead of 17.38 km/l thanks to the mild hybrid option. Nevertheless, the Maruti Suzuki Fronx boasts an even greater mileage of 21.7 km/l, which is 1.9 km/l more than the Brezza hybrid. Furthermore, this statistic is just less than the 20.5 kmpl that the 103 horsepower, mildly hybrid K15C engine of the Brezza, which was discontinued, was able to attain. With an automatic gearbox, the Brezza maintains its 19.8 km/l ARAI-rated fuel economy. Apart from the gasoline engine, the Brezza is also available with a CNG fuel alternative. Nevertheless, neither an automated option nor “mild-hybrid” technology are included in the CNG versions.</p>
<p>According to Maruti Suzuki India, the Smart Hybrid technology improves driving and increases fuel economy. The engine in both manual and automatic vehicles starts silently when necessary and shuts off on its own when the vehicle is not moving. The Smart Hybrid powertrain is equipped with two batteries, one of which is a lithium-ion battery pack. Six Maruti Suzuki cars now offer this “mild-hybrid” technology: the Brezza, Ertiga, XL6, Fronx, Ciaz, and Grand Vitara. A more potent’strong-hybrid’ technology is also available on certain Grand Vitara and Invicto models.</p>
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