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For Rs. 2,500 crore, TATA Group retains the right to sponsor the IPL 2024–2028 title

<p>The Indian Premier League’s title sponsorship rights have been bought by TATA Group, according to a statement released by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). For the following five seasons, they smashed the record with a value of INR 2500 crore, the highest-ever sponsorship sum in the league’s history. The Tata Group had held the championship in the 2022 and 2023 editions. Every season, they will pay INR 500 crore.</p>
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<p>The Women’s Premier competition, the largest women’s T20 competition in the world, and the IPL title sponsorship rights for 2022 and 2023 were formerly owned by the TATA Group.</p>
<p>As previously reported by News18 CricketNext, the Aditya Birla Group’s value was matched by the Tata Group.</p>
<p>The Chinese smartphone maker Vivo was replaced by the Tata Group in 2022 as the Indian Premier League’s (IPL) title sponsor for the 2022 and 2023 seasons. While they paid INR 365 crore every season in their previous agreement, it is anticipated that they would pay more in the new five-year pact.</p>
<p>Jay Shah, the secretary of the BCCI, discussed his thoughts on the historic alliance with the TATA Group.</p>
<p>We are thrilled to declare our collaboration with the TATA Group, the IPL’s title sponsor. The league’s unrivaled combination of talent, thrills, and entertainment has allowed it to captivate viewers throughout the globe. In a similar vein, the Indian-founded TATA Group has become a worldwide icon of excellence, leaving its imprint on a variety of industries. This partnership epitomizes innovation, progress, and a shared commitment to quality. The IPL’s enormous scope and worldwide influence on the international sports scene are reflected in its unparalleled financial commitment, according to Jay Shah.</p>
<p>An important turning point in the history of the IPL is the partnership with TATA Group for the title sponsorship of IPL 2024–2028. The TATA Group’s record-breaking investment of INR 2500 crore is evidence of the great significance and allure that the Indian Premier League (IPL) has in the sports world. This extraordinary sum not only establishes a new standard for the league’s history but also confirms the IPL’s standing as a leading sports event with an international following. The IPL Chairperson, Arun Singh Dhumal, stated, “We applaud TATA Group’s dedication to sports and cricket. We look forward to reaching new heights together and giving fans unmatched cricketing entertainment.”</p>

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