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“When people compliment us, they should give him a lot of credit”: Sandesh Jhingan commends Mahesh Gawli, assistant coach

<p>India’s star center-back Sandesh Jhingan on Wednesday credited Mahesh Gawli, the team’s assistant coach and one of the best stoppers of all time, for the defenders’ performance in 2023, citing the country’s nine clean sheets.</p>
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<p>Former India center-back Gawali worked quietly in the background as the players performed their jobs on the pitch.</p>
<p>In the locker room, Gawali is highly respected for his status as one of the greatest defenders of all time and for his role as an assistant coach.</p>
<p>“During his time as a player, Mahesh bhai was one of the game’s pioneers, and we can now learn a great deal from his experience,” Jhingan said.</p>
<p>He’s really contributed to the nation, and it’s wonderful to have him here. When people compliment us on having clean linens, they really need to give him a lot of credit. Between 2000 and 2011, Gawli, now 43, participated in 68 games for his native India, leading the team’s defense in tandem with players such as Deepak Mondal and Gouramangi Singh.</p>
<p>Jhingan added, “I still remember the first time I met him, it was quite unique,” in reference to Gawli. I hadn’t made my Indian debut yet, and it was either 2013 or 2014.</p>
<p>“This is Jhingan, he will be the next big defender and all that,” Subrata bhai (Paul) told me when he first introduced us. He then requested Mahesh bhai to bless me. I knelt and accepted his blessings. He demands the same level of respect from everyone in his vicinity. For the seventh time in the competition’s history, India has been drawn to compete in the AFC Asian Cup against Australia (January 13), Uzbekistan (January 18), and Syria (January 23).</p>
<p>It all comes down to Jhingan and the Blue Tigers keeping their attention on the task at hand.</p>
<p>“The mood during the competition is unique, but it’s fantastic. You want to be a part of that kind of environment, and I find it very enjoyable,” Jhingan said.</p>
<p>However, since you’re in the zone or the right frame of mind, you can’t feel much of it while you’re in it.</p>
<p>“We didn’t feel it as much in 2019, but after you get over it, you realize it was there, and then you tend to think about it,” he said.</p>
<p>However, everyone is happy to be here at such a prominent competition, and the atmosphere is upbeat. It is an accomplishment to have been a part of the whole process and to have reached the main stage at last.</p>

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