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The Guntur Kaaram trailer by Mahesh Babu breaks a rare record and surpasses Prabhas’ Salaar

<p>After the 2022 flick Sarkaru Vaari Paata, Mahesh Babu is making a comeback to the big screen with Trivikram Srinivas’ Guntur Kaaram. The film’s creators finally released the Guntur Kaaram trailer two days after the planned release date. Considering that the actor’s admirers have been eager to see him on film since 2022, the Sunday-released teaser attracted a lot of interest. In the aftermath of the widespread panic around the movie, the trailer for Guntur Kaaram has now set a new record.</p>
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<p>In the first 24 hours, it has amassed the highest views in South India for a trailer. The creators claim that the trailer has received over 39 million views on YouTube and is now trending at the top of the site. This puts the film above Salaar: Part 1-Ceasefire, Prabhas’ most recent theatrical release. Salaar’s trailer earned roughly 32 million views in the first twenty-four hours, which was 7 million less than Guntur Kaaram’s.</p>
<p>As shown in the teaser, Mahesh Babu is at the top of his game, using a ton of vocabulary and throwing some elegant punches as Ramana Reddy. The trailer for Guntur Kaaram has sad scenes that emphasize Ramana’s relationship with his family. Aside from this, intense action scenes are promised in the “very flammable” teaser.</p>
<p>Bookings for the film opened at 268 places throughout India, and over 83.83 lakh tickets were sold. The movie’s first-day reservations were mostly from Bengaluru, Chennai, Mysuru, Mangaluru, and Shivamogga, according to the cinema trade website Sacnilk.</p>
<p>Currently, 107 Bengaluru screenings of the film are listed on internet reservation platforms. According to media sources, around 16.82 percent, or 18 programs, are full of them. Considering that only the Telugu version of the film is available for purchase, these numbers are astounding.</p>
<p>The movie is supposed to last for two hours and forty-four minutes. After 60 days of its theatrical debut, Guntur Kaaram will reportedly be accessible for streaming on Netflix, which has acquired the movie’s over-the-top rights. On January 12, the film will be released.</p>

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