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SwaLay Digital Introduces iNDIE CHARTS, Giving a Global Stage for India’s Independent Music Revolution!

8 January 2024, Mumbai: SwaLay Digital, the top music distribution platform in India, has just introduced something groundbreaking: iNDIE CHARTS. It’s like a musical revolution, putting the spotlight on independent artists and launching them onto the global stage at Times Square, New York City. Forget about all those numbers and complicated stats. iNDIE CHARTS is all about celebrating the heart and soul of music, recognizing the best songs purely based on their awesome vibes.


iNDIE CHARTS is changing the game by tossing out the traditional success measures like streams and followers. Our music experts are on a mission to discover hidden gems within SwaLay’s vast community of thousands of artists. They’re looking for songs that aren’t just catchy tunes; they’re stories told through music, emotions that hit you in the feels, and journeys painted using the language of tunes.


Every month, this musical crop will be crowned iNDIE CHARTS champions. Again, the best of the best from this treasure trove of music will be crowned iNDIE CHARTS champions. But wait, there’s more! These talented few will see their music up in lights on the screens of Times Square. Imagine your song reaching millions of people in the heart of New York City giving a chance to be heard and appreciated on a global scale, no matter how many followers you have on social media or what’s in your bank account.


iNDIE CHARTS doesn’t only revolves around giving artists a platform; it is about rewriting the whole story. It’s a showcase of the diverse variations of Indian music, from electronic beats to folk lyrics, from rocking riffs to acoustic melodies. It’s a statement that true talent knows no boundaries, not in terms of genres, languages, or borders. iNDIE CHARTS is a movement fueled by music lovers like yourself. Follow SwaLay and iNDIE CHARTS on social media to keep up with the top-charting artists and their journeys to Times Square! Let’s change the music scene together streaming one amazing song at a time.


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