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HMSI opens a new assembly line at its factory in Gujarat; see details

<p>The industry leader in two-wheelers, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI), has opened its third assembly line at its fourth factory in Gujarat’s Vithalapur, as part of its efforts to support the “Made in India” campaign. According to the information provided by the brand, the action would increase the state’s yearly capacity to 6.5 lakh units and create decent jobs.</p>
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<p>The company’s cutting-edge Vithalapur factory is regarded as one of the biggest scooter-only facilities in the world. It looks after the whole output on a national and worldwide scale. The company’s best-selling goods, Activa, Activa 124, Dio, and Dio 125, are all produced at this same facility.</p>
<p>Plant for High-Performance Motorcycles<br />
In addition, the company produces large engine units for performance-focused motorcycles that are marketed in international markets such as Thailand, Europe, Japan, and the US.</p>
<p>What the Top Official at HMSI Has to Say About the Move<br />
The company’s president, managing director, and CEO, Tsutsumu Otani, made the following statement during a speech: “We have opened a new third assembly line at our Vithalapur facility in Gujarat today, marking a significant milestone.” Undertaking this capacity expansion plan will result in a large rise in HMSI’s overall yearly production volumes, allowing for faster and more efficient customer service.</p>
<p>Furthermore, he said, “We will be able to maintain our leadership position in the scooterization trend not only in India but globally as long as HMSI’s Gujarat plant continues to produce scooter models for both domestic and export markets.”</p>

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