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Mukku Avinash, the Bigg Boss sensation, writes an emotional post about losing his unborn child

<p>Avinash, a former comedian from Jabardasth and Bigg Boss competitor, recently gave his followers an update. Two years ago, Avinash and his spouse—who is well-known for their YouTube channel—got married. The pair launched the channel to provide viewers a peek into their personal life. Social media users are starting to take notice of the post.</p>
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<p>“I will share with you all the happy and sad things in my life…even with my family,” is what the post’s description says. I have given you all of my happiness up to this point. I would want to share with you, nonetheless, a catastrophe that occurred in my life for the first time. We eagerly anticipated the day when we would become parents. But we also lost our kid for a variety of reasons.</p>
<p>The statement “This is something we can never digest” is included in the caption. Not to be forgotten easily. I promise to always let you know about this, which is why I’m sharing it with you. We are appreciative of your affection so far. I want this to be the eternal state of your love. Additionally, do refrain from bothering us with inquiries on this topic. I hope everyone understands, from yours, Anuja Avinash.</p>
<p>“Opening up about a recent challenge: We’ve faced the loss of our little one, and it’s a tender time for us,” the image’s caption says. Please don’t ask inquiries or start conversations about it; we really appreciate your compassion. We appreciate you honoring our requests.</p>
<p>The couple said they were hoping to have their first kid in April of last year. They chronicled a variety of incidents from their pregnant journey, including a customary Shrimantham ritual attended by close friends. Unfortunately, Avinash recently revealed that they had lost their pregnant kid. He expressed the pain of not realizing their dream of becoming a father in a touching statement, and he thanked their supporters for their support during this difficult time.</p>
<p>Regarding his career, Mukku Avinash is most recognized for his roles in the motion pictures Hi Five, Paisa Paramatma, Aswathama, and Valentine’s Night. In the meanwhile, well-known comic Anuja Avinash has made appearances on the TV comedy program Jabardasth.</p>

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